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Prelixir is a fully soluble blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, designed for incorporation into drinks.

Two different versions are currently available, incorporated into two different drinks:


Prelixir Mark 1
is about looking after your health. It is incorporated into Botonique “The Botanical Soft Drink for Wine Lovers”. Botonique is available in a 750ml wine-sized bottle and is designed as a satisfying replacement for a bottle of wine or similarly dry alcoholic drink – to the extent that most people assume that it is alcoholic until they hear otherwise.

Prelixir Mark 2
is a stronger version, used in GoodShot - a 200ml functional mixer drink designed to be a natural part of an evening’s drinking “for a better tomorrow”. 94% of users surveyed said that a single bottle of GoodShot in the evening made them feel either absolutely fine or better or much better than expected next day.


Prelixir contains

  • Powerful antioxidants including Choline and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine - the most bio-available form of cysteine
  • Precursors of glutathione, NAC and Glycine (Manufactured glutathione doesn’t make it through the gut to the liver and other cells, where it is needed)
  • Replacements for vitamins used up, including Thiamine, B5, B12 and Niacin - used in the re-cycling of NADH back into NAD+.  (Incidentally, NAD+ is also key to the current interest in SIRT foods, that activate sirtuins, so one could say that Prelixir is a SIRT food too)
  • Sources of electrolytes especially potassium, and electrolyte regulator B6
  • Alkalising agents such as potassium citrate. Note that whether foods are alkalising or acidifying is counter-intuitive. What matters is what is left after the food has been digested. Most meats and cheeses are acidifying, as is alcohol, whereas most vegetables are alkalising, as are acid-tasting citrus fruits.
  • Anti-inflammatories including glycine and B3 Niacinamide
  • Sirtuin activators including B3 Niacinamide
  • In the cases of Botonique and GoodShot – the drinks in which Prelixir is currently incorporated – the anti-inflammatory and alkalising effects are increased by the botanical extracts, such as Milk Thistle Seed and Panax Ginseng


The amounts contained of each ingredient vary between Mark1 and Mark 2.

Full ingredient lists and values as analysed are shown on each bottled product. Please contact us if you require further information about the ingredients.   (Prelixir Mark 1)   (Prelixir Mark 2)